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  • Drinking: capri sun and vodka....I call it a SAD-TINI D;
That's a term I've heard since high school, as yami ( :iconshamenteen: ) had quite a few back in the day (and probably still does in college). Kitty had a fanboy AND a fangirl. I never in my life thought I could have an actual fanboy in my midst o_o until it hit me, last Saturday night (literally, but we'll get to that in a bit).
There's this dude, let's call him "D" for now, since no one ever says his whole name...he's always ALWAYS picking on me. Or, try to get me to jump by fanning his fingertips down the side of my leg under the table. After which, he commented on how I keep a pretty good poker face. I was just wondering 'dude, why are you touching me?' and started giving him that vibe. At the time, he wasn't all that bad, but like one of those jokester dudes in a group that just pick on everyone. and he did! everyone, but lately he seems to see me as a favorite :I
Without fail, he'll come over and just poke at me. which I hate, because it makes me feel self-conscious. Well, normally it's once or twice. just enough for me to acknowledge he's there (like I can't tell >_>). Well, last Friday, I had to really swat him away as I was taking a picture of a couple of friends with their htc phone or whatever. It got REALLY annoying. I couldn't even take the picture because this asshole kept poking me. I lowered the camera, and with one hand unleashed a barrage of smacks and told him to cut that shit out.
"heehee, but a good photographer can take pictures in ANY situations."
"I'm not a photographer. quit it."
normally I can stand him. and normally, I don't even talk to him all that much. his coming around and messing with me didn't start until he decided to start going to the anime club with the rest of the crew. even before all of this, he would relish in the fact that I would refer to/call him an animal because he would pick up fallen food on the floor and eat it, or just use the top of a table for a plate when he decided to eat some pizza. Just....grody. nothing appealing about that. but he's good natured....just, gross. but shit hit the fan on Saturday afternoon, as we were watching Kamen Rider (live action) as our club's last movie day.

me: *eating pizza with fork and knife*
dee: *eventually joins us* *pizza in hand* .____. *stare*....
me: *takes a bite* *cuts another piece* .....?
dee: ......
me: .......see somethin' ya lie? >:l *takes a bite* quit being weird, have a seat if you wanna. geez.
dee: *sits a chair away from me* you are entirely too civil for me, you know that?
me: eh?
dee: fork and knife?
me: watch out, I also have napkin.
dee: I see you're not afraid to use it XD
me: evidence of a clean mouth would indicate that, sir.

casual conversation between us and three other friends....he left to the table next to us to talk to Tevin (the dancing guy from the video I last posted). he came back, and I'm not sure what brought it on, or what went through his head, but--

dee: *presses cheese-side of his pizza on my shirt sleeve* c:
me: ....WHAT THE FUCK.

he got pizza grease. and sauce. on my sleeve. just...on my god damned BATMAN SHIRT SLEEVE. when he was coming over with his pizza, holding it out to tease me like he always did, I didn't think much of it. I even laughed like "oh, you better not"--but no, it fucking happened. And I guess judging by my tone, the club turned to see what was up.

girl: what happened? >:T *trying to watch the movie*
me: he RUBBED PIZZA. on my SHIRT. D8<
dee: *deer in headlights*
steven: >:c kick his ass, kisa!
girl2: what the hell, dee?
dee: laughed, and..
me: out of DISBELIEF! WHY would you--?!?! *loss for words*
girl3: I'll get a napkin;; *leaves*
me: just!! *point* stay the FUCK over there! AWAY, OKAY?
dee: *sits with Tevin* o____o
Tevin: >__> *on his laptop*
club: *had already gone back to watching movie*

He eventually came back. after two hours (we saw three movies that day), he approached me and I pretended not to notice, as I was still mad at him. he started to explain how he and his family are from Trinidad. I thought "Colorado. whatever. I hate Colorado, that's why I'm in Texas." but he explained it as a country....I thought he was lying, but the seriousness in his face indicated he was actually 'for real'. then something about eating curry with their hands and slices of bread e__o and he grew up thinking that certain things weren't gross. and somehow, he thought I forgave him, so he stayed.
I had already been 'over' it, after mike came and sat with us. the club decided to just fudge it, and watch the last episode of Stella Women's Academy--which I was excited for. So much cute, so much yuri undertones, and just...I love it. Especially the ending:… & opening… the fact that Sonora looks like a blue-haired Ash xD makes me smile even more, hahahaha. So that was my mood-changer.

at a serious scene.
dee: ....yeah, that's kisa.
me: ?
mike: ?? do you see that?
me: >_>
dee: no, like Rin's character.
me: e_e
dee: 'cause you're always like "yeaah." "cool." i'll ask what you're drawing, and you're like "just stuff...things." so monotone.
me: I'm not monotone -_-
mike: yeah you kind of....are o_O
me: D:<
mike: like, you come over and you're always like "heyy guys." or "nothing much."
me: I talk! wth, you guys!
dee: hahahaha xD but, you can be.
me: well pardon me, my life's not all glitter and disco lights e___e

but that's a normal thing with those two. It wasn't until later at Texan Hall did it really dawn on me that I have found a fanboy o,__o I didn't even KNOW he was going to be there, but we showed up with food aaaaand he was there. He even sat next to me on the couch, a little too close e__e but he was eating, so it wasn't that strange. I think what happened was he got a little hyper with that mountain dew and got REALLY into playing Soul Caliber. I walked over, at a point where I had come back to the couch and watched from behind for a bit. And, just to get him back for having smashed pizza on me, I tagged his controller to mess him up.
Well, that ended up with a reflexive and sound "TWAP" to the right tit.

me: --OWW!!!
dee: *snaps out of it* D: OMG!!
me: WHY?!
dee: y-you distracted me!!
me: so you try to backhand my tit into oblivion?!
dee: no!! no!!
Tevin: *beats him in soul caliber* checkmate.

that's the first of two times of me getting hit in the tit that night >:T all accidental (I hate having them sometimes, they ruin EVERYTHING) of course, but then as we all re-situated on the couch to watch some 'decoded' anime, he decided to lay down and I sat on the furthest part of it, practically on the edge.

dee: butt touches~! *wiggles his toes along my ass*
me: D:< !! *punches him in the shin*
dee: xD AH ha!! ouch! xD
me: *gets up and moves to love seat with mike* e_e

and then, he did the thing. a thing that didn't register until after I felt his arms on me. I was standing behind and leaning on the top of the love seat--AWAY from him, and just chatting it up with sally and steven, who were...tangled in one another.

sally: *discussing various sexual topics*
steven: *pretending he's not there to hear*
sally: --wait, kisa, have you...? ever...?
me: hm? oh, that's not exactly open to discussion.
sally: ah, okay. but I mean, if you did?
me: ....honey, I'm a top.
sally: I thought so, I would've laughed otherwise.
me: oh, hi steven;;
sally: that's good, though ^_^ I don't think I'd know what to do if I were with a woman.
me: what IS it with straight women saying 'they don't know'? -__- women KNOW what women want.
sally: do you?
me: it's not hard. there's science and basic human anatomy. everything else is stylistic and born from your creativity.
steven: >////>
sally: ah, valid. So, do you miss Colorado?
me: way to change topics smoothly. and no, I don't u3u I'm RIGHT where I need to be.
dee: *from behind* *hugs* meee toooo c: :heart:
me: .........?

then it dawned on me, the obvious, but he never hugged me before--more than that though, we were in a position to where we were practically spooning on foot. I felt his stubble on the back of my shoulder and decided "NOPE." and shot at elbow into his ribs and stood up. Only to have him (again, for some ungodly reason) take both my arms and make it so that I couldn't turn around and swing at him---and pull DOWNWARD IDEK, the whole situation was just a huge "WTF?!"
I'm pretty sure it was the sound of his moronic laugh that helped fuel my escape, because I was able to pull my elbows in long enough for him to slip and fall on his ass in a giggle fit.

me: you do that ONE MORE time and I will drop your ass even harder.
dee: *on the floor*
jaylin: *shakes her head at him* :T ...

....I don't get him. He's...I think he's too hyper. And I can tell if someone legitimately has a 'problem' with being social, and he's not that. he can conduct himself well in front of teachers and what not, but for some reason he settled on picking on ME and making an idiot of himself.

....Not sure how to handle this, seeing as how he only LIVES to see me make a frown. seriously, he likes my " >:c " face when he does something stupid or irritates me. and threaten his manhood.

me: I swear to god. I will rip off your nuts and use them as doorknockers.
dee: then I'll always be the first one at your door ewe
me: get OUT of here! Dx

so, threatening his manhood wont work. hitting him wont. apparently it takes me having to fly off the handle for three seconds for him to register "oh shit, she's mad."
Any suggestions? It's not as if I can just 'consult the teacher' xD but I think...I think if I actually sit him down and say "stop being an ass tard and listen" it'll go well. Before the craziness, he was a good dude. I don't know what the fell happened, but he's kind of a different person now, and I can't keep up with his zany self. Especially if he's out to try and hug me the way he did.

Now, let me just say this: I hug all my friends equally. men, women, in between, doesn't matter. hugs are hugs. however one thing I WILL NOT accept is when a guy hugs my back and crosses his arms over my front. It just freaks me out a lot, and I can't really articulate why it does. but it does. just guys. girls are fine, Sam usually hugs me from behind as I'm sitting at a table, and it's no big deal.

.....*sigh* well, I wont bring it up to him, as today went fine. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that would make me hate him for five minutes. Next time he tries weird shit, though? Calling him on it.

So, um...Q's.

1) what are your Easter plans?
2) do you have any clingy guy/girl friends?
3) do you have anything that the opposite sex does that is a huge "NO"?

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IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! At one point I was throwing skittles in the air yelling "BEAST MODE!!"  And I got so full of food I couldn't move lol.  I was so happy that Manning got prison rapped,.... nothing can ruin this month now lol
dude, that was a some horrid prison rape! like, "didn't even have the decency to look them in the eye" kind of brutal o,_o
but I laughed. I didn't want Denver to get ANYTHING.
dystar Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very Merry Christmas, Kisa, to you and yours!
Merry Christmas, Dystar! May you spend today in good company with many hard laughs and plenty of hot food!
dystar Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, as a matter of fact, I did! Folks and I attended the Christmas Buffet at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Investing in people is our mainstay, and nowhere are we more appreciated than the restaurants we visit. We tip well, extremely well when we can afford it, we engage the staff, talking to them, making them feel like human beings instead of some sort of service class, don't have any problem confronting trouble customers when they arise, and discretely comment if there's a problem with the food, which is hardly ever, and in the case of the Chinese restaurants, I always sample the experimental items, properly bowl my rice, eat with chopsticks like a pro, fold my chopsticks paper into a little origami duck to hold my chopsticks when I'm not using them, and I teach my father a few Chinese phrases to use. (He's more confident with messing up than I am.) And it always brightens them right up to see a greybearded biker dude politely say "Xie Xie" (thank you) when they come around to take the plates. Anyway, investing in people, REAL people, is always rewarding. And when it pays you back, your faith in humanity grows like you wouldn't believe! So while most people see going to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas as a cold, unceremonious alternative to an in-home dinner with family, perhaps utilizing a people who don't ordinarily celebrate it so that we wouldn't have to cook, this was far, far from that. It felt more in the spirit of Yule. Community coming together in the darkness to spend it in warmth and happiness, enjoying company, making sure others are okay, and celebrating with plenty of good, hot food! Many Chinese immigrants are Christians, and while I don't know what religion they had, if any, but they all said Merry Christmas. This holiday has transcended religious tradition. No longer just for those who go to church, but for all humanity, so long as humanity endures. That's what this holiday is about. in my opinion, anyway...
I respect the fact that you make an origami duck to hold your chopsticks. I use the paper block technique and them on it xD haha;;
That's actually really rewarding in its own right! I sort of thought about the idea of eating out on Christmas wasn't in the BEST of tastes. I mean, I look at it from the waiting staff's POV. they should be with family, not customers! but if the customers are wonderful people like you and your family, then it makes for it's own gathering :) all in the holiday spirit! Or hell, if we're talking about "trying something new" for the Christmas menu, why not eat out at home? a little pick-me-up from Wang Chung's restaurant never hurt no one! I've actually been craving pad thai OTL
(1 Reply)
Prepared to be AMAZED!!

ok so its a little boring after a bit but it is pretty crazy! lol
MorriganTheReaper Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TnX u +fav Love Bounce 
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