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“How does this look?” Yang said aloud, modeling her choice of clothing in front of a mounted mirror; her unamused sister sat on the corner of the bed. “Oh wait, you think it’s too strange to wear shorts and then a jacket?” She patted down the sides of her black shorts, surveying the length, and then looked to the mirror again. “Does it look weird? I see some people do it, and it looks cute.”

Not that it’ll be cold tonight, but, it’ll be weird if I’m not wearing one and she is.

“Unless you’re in winter from the waist up, sure, go for it.” Ruby replied in an almost monotone voice. “Yang, I think you’re over thinking this. Just wear what you’d usually wear.” The taller woman took a slow intake of breath, allowing for the air to hiss from her lungs as she silently agreed.

“I probably am…okay then, one more.” Yang said, quickly undressing again as she stepped back into the walk-in closet. She peeled off her shorts and replaced them with a normal pair of dark denim jeans that had a small yellow patch stitched on the front of the left leg that looked like a heart on fire. Yanking off the jacket and tossing it up along the hangers, too busy to bother with putting it back on the hanger, she grabbed for a casual orange button-down shirt and threw on a tan vest, fastening the buttons as she walked out again to show her sister.

I can’t make it look like I’m trying too hard.

“Great, casual.” Ruby said, mocking her further with a golfer’s clap. “Now shouldn’t you be going?” She looked over her shoulder and pointed to the digital clock in the bedroom. “I know it’s not far, but with them closing down the main street, you maaaaay want to get a head start on—“ By the time Ruby had circled back around on Yang, her older sister was already at the door and pulling on some chocolate-colored boots, keys dangling from a keychain she held in her mouth. “…getting there.” Yang pulled on her other boot, snatched a brown jacket off of a coat hanger, and then swung the door open.

“I’ll be back!” She called, and then slammed the door. Ruby shook her head at the frantic sounds of her sister’s footsteps circling and skidding to the front of their single-car garage. With a sigh, she crosses her arms and makes her way to the front window; now chuckling at the low roar of Yang’s motorcycle.

“Dummy…” She says under her breath. Yang revs her motorcycle enough to wake it up, and then kicks the ground as she pushes it forward and onto the asphalt.

I can still make it.


Where the hell am I?

Blake looked around at the fairgrounds, eyeing the people as if they were specimens from a foreign planet. The smell of fresh popcorn, baked goods, and funnel cake wafted around her as she readjusted her purple scarf. She adorned a practical look, with black jeggings tucked into knee-high boots and tucked her hands into the front pockets of her sweater coat. She took note of a vacant table by a caramel apple vendor that had not opened yet, and went to have a seat as to text Yang of her whereabouts. She pressed the proper contact name and sent a brief message, adjusting her purple slouch beanie to cover her ears from the cool air of the fairgrounds. She began texting Yang that she was by the caramel apple vendor, in hopes of maybe she was already on the fair grounds.

As Blake watched the text bubble pop up on her phone, she stared at the screen, holding her breath. She began wondering if what she had agreed to do was even worth trying for. Memories of past outings began to resurface in her mind slowly, like waves lapping at a shore; revealing the empty shells that were her past trials. In her heart, Blake knew she wasn’t ready. She knew that the ghosts of her past were still lingering about her, every waking day. A child raised in almost complete isolation, surrounded by riots and police brutality. She grew to never trust anyone outside of her chosen family, to never leave.

What a joke.

Her ties to the family business still weighed on her mind. She furrowed her brow as the sour memories started to become more potent, as if having happened recently. What was her world, all that she knew, was only shrouded in greed. Blake had lived much of her life believing that her life was stable, only to find later on a new year’s eve that it was built off of blood, drugs, and gunfire. Her anger stirred in her stomach as she cursed herself for not having made the connection sooner in her teen years, how naïve she was.

Will I ever find peace?

She dug her hands deeper into her front pockets.

Could I ever hope to wash away so much blood…

“Hey!” Yang called, walking briskly up to Blake, pulling her from her train of thought. “I’m sorry, I got caught in a little traffic back there.” She smiled, embarrassed. “You um…you look pretty nice.” She complimented, zipping up her own jacket a little.

“Thanks.” Blake answered, and stood up; her hands still in her pockets. “I could say the same for you.” She added with a neutral expression. Yang gave a broad smile, as to coax a grin out of her companion, but did not succeed.

“Thanks!” she exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips. “Alright, so, how do you feel about those pumpkin pancakes?” Yang asked, jabbing a thumb over her shoulder.

Wait, SHIT. They’re probably not free anymore.

“If you still wanted to get some, sure.” Blake replied, and together they walked to the long line of people waiting for pancakes. Ten awkward minutes had passed by, and Yang found herself out of things to talk about; panicking slightly at seeing Blake taking an interesting in just staring at the head of her person in front of her.

Damn it, damn it, damn it! C’mon! What else is there, the weather? Sports? Maybe basketball?

“So uh,” Yang cleared her throat. “How ‘bout them bees?”



What the hell am I doing?! They’re called HORNETS.

Blake blinked and shifted her questioning gaze over to the blonde woman next to her and craned her eyebrow questioningly. Yang nervously chewed at the side of her lip. “You know,” she began, making her mind up to not correct herself. “The bees. Everyone needs bees.”

“I suppose we do.” Blake said, unsure of where the conversation was going. Inwardly, Yang cursed herself, but kept a smooth exterior.

“They’re really quite interesting creatures. I think a lot of people take them for granted.” Blake nodded, and crossed her arms, keeping warm.

This is going to go down in flames worse than the fucking Hindenburg.
I knew I should have worn a heavier jacket.
She’s so done with me right now.
It’s only going to get colder by the evening.
She looks so let down.
I don’t believe I’ve had pumpkin flavored anything before…
She’s frowning. Is she thinking? She’s probably thinking--
Ugh, well, it can’t be worse than putting blueberries in them.
--about how much this day is going to SUCK.
Blueberries aren’t even blue, they’re purple...
Look at the face she’s making!
What idiot named them that?
I’m sorry I’m so incompetent!
Well maybe they’re a little blue in pigment…
She must think I’m so boring!!
…she’s been quiet, I should probably say something.

Blake made a side glance at Yang, observing her twitching in the corner of her eye. “You’re not cold?” she asked, as the line started moving more smoothly.

“Huh?” Yang answered. “Oh, nope! I’m what you call a space heater.” She said almost proudly. Blake nodded quietly and looked at her own hands, wishing she had gloves. “Do you get cold?”

“Yes, but, it’s not unusual for me.” Blake answered, and put her hands back into her pockets. “It’s probably for the best, though.” As they neared the front of the line, a young girl was working the small ordering window, her bright pink hair tied in pigtails.

“Hellooooo!” she called as they stepped up. “Good morning! How many pancakes do we want?” she said in an almost sing-song voice, causing Blake to cringe a little at her peppiness. Yang held up two fingers with a smile.

“Just two plates of short stacks.” She said. “Or, however many it is you guys give.” The girl in the window nodded and gave a wink.

“You got it!” she answered. “We need two orders of the usual!” she called over to her coworker. Inside, a somber looking boy with dark hair and sharp features made no reply, but simply poured more of the pale orange batter onto a griddle. “They’ll be out in a bit. Until then, what else can I get ya?” Yang pulled her wallet out of her back pocket and flipped it open, looking at Blake.

“You want some hot chocolate with that?” she said with a smirk. Blake’s eyes widened by a fraction and put a hand on Yang’s wrist.

“Oh, no, I can pay for that.” Blake looked up at the beaming young woman in the window, waiting for a response. “I’ll have a hot chocolate, please.”

Her hands are cold.

“Sure thing!” She responded. “Are we paying separate? We’ve got a two-for-one deal if you’d like to try that.”

“What’s that?” Yang asked, perplexed. Blake squinted to the side of the vendor where a menu was displayed and then pointed at it.

“It’s the sale they’re doing.” She answered for her, taking out her own wallet from her front pocket. “Two for the price of one.”

“Oh!” Yang said, surprised. “Well that’s new…okay, yeah.” She smiled. “They’re on me.” She said, and slid a few bills under the window. Blake placed a bill under the window as well, their hands brushing slightly. Yang felt a small blush creep up her neck at seeing and feeling Blake’s cold and delicate hands alongside hers.

“This is for the hot chocolate.” She said, and then took her hand back as she looked at Yang. “We can split it, Yang.” The raven-haired woman informed. “It’s okay. Cider is later, right?”

“….right.” Yang said, taking her eyes away from her hands. “Yeah, that’s right. Okay then. Thanks, Blake.” The girl in the window looked from one woman to the other with a small knowing smile and calculated the cost.

“Alrighty, then! Here’s your change!” she announced cheerfully. She turned around for a moment to retrieve the two cups of hot chocolate. “Anything else for these?”

“No thanks, I’m good.” Yang said earnestly as she took both the cups of hot chocolate.  “Er, I mean—I’m sorry, unless you wanted something?” Blake took her cup from Yang and peered into it for a moment.

“If I could, may I have some cream? Or milk will do.” She asked. The girl in the window took the cup back and added a good amount of whole milk to the hot beverage, the cream swirling like a soft smoke and pluming upward from hitting the bottom of the cup. “Thank you.”

“No problem at all!” She responded, and then pushed two plates along the counter, each having three pumpkin pancakes stacked on top of each other. “Enjoy!” Blake took Yang’s cup of hot chocolate while she in return carried the two plates of pancakes. The raven-haired woman found a vacant corner of a long table and escorted Yang to have a seat.

“Oh man, hold on—I forgot the forks.” Yang said, and hurried to grab some plastic utensils at the vendor.

So she likes milk in hers. Okay, I’m learning things.

She returned to the table, where Blake was sipping her hot beverage with both of her hands curled around the cup. “Do you like it?” Yang asked, handing Blake a fork. “It’s not one of your amazing coffees, but it warms the soul just the same.” She said with a bashful smile. Blake placed the cup down and gently sucked the remnants of the hot chocolate from her palate behind slightly pursed lips.

Alright, time to play the coffee card.

“You do make a pretty mean cup of coffee. What’s your favorite that you make?” Yang asked, wishing she had thought of the topic while they were standing in line. Blake paused before giving her answer, weighing in all of what she had already known and what Cecil had taught her.

“…I’m not sure, actually.” She said, taking up her fork and small container of syrup. A glimmer ran through Yang’s eyes as Blake looked back upon her awaiting pancakes.

“Let me guess, you like your coffee like you like your men?” she smirked. Blake cocked an eyebrow at her for the second time within an hour, curious. “Dark and strong?”

So she’s into men after all? I was so sure she was…hm.

Blake gave a shrug of indifference.

Well wait, that doesn’t make sense. She puts milk in her hot chocolate. Why would she drink her coffee black? Damn I can be so stupid…

“I’m more of a tea kind of person, really.” Blake said as she slowly began to pour the syrup on her pancakes, lifting them up slightly with her plastic fork. “Earl Grey is one of my favorites, as it’s more of an aromatic tea than most. Jasmine and rose are also nice.” She added, and then took her first bite of pumpkin pancakes.

What the hell answer is that?!

Yang also prepared her pancakes, feeling unsure of how to process Blake’s answer. “Ah, okay, well that’s cool too.” She said, almost defeated. The smell of warm cinnamon-laced pumpkin wafted its way up to Yang’s nose as she took in her first initial bite. She pulled the fork out with a grin as she took to cutting another piece off with the side of her utensil; pushing the pancake in her mouth into her cheek.

“So, what do you think?” She asked, and then looked up to see that Blake was just a little further along in eating that she was. Blake pulled her fork slowly over her bottom lip as she took it out, savoring the mouthful of flavor. With a silent swallow and discreet licking of her bottom lip, she looked up at Yang with a ghost of a smile.

“They’re actually really good.” She replied.

She takes a bite of heaven and then smiles like the freaking Mona Lisa? Tough crowd.

“Well I’m glad you like them!” Yang smiled back, feeling happy to have at least gotten some trace of a smile out of her. “Just wait until we hit the cider van later. It’s gonna the best thing you’ll probably ever have.” Blake wiped at her mouth as she took another drink of her hot chocolate. “I’d bet my boots on it, it’ll be your favorite thing.”

“You’re really excited for this cider, aren’t you?”

“Of course! It’s the cat’s pajamas!” Yang exclaimed. Blake stared back at her for a moment before taking another rewarding bite of her food. “Haha, okay, well you’ll see for yourself when we get to that point.”


Yang led Blake passed the hay ride and over to the market place portion of the festival. Toffee-coated candies in the shapes of leaves and acorns adorned most of the stands, while others offered chocolate covered treats and homemade pretzels. On every table, Blake noted there was a variety of fall themed jewelry or some sort of arrangement that paid tribute to the flora and fauna of the season. Wildlife carved from wood occupied one tent, while another offered candles and soap molded in the shapes of pine cones and trees. They stopped and tried some of the samples the vendors offered: homemade jams, fruits preserves, toffee roasted nuts, cookies, and even different seasoned jerky. The entire festival scene was filled with so many faces, all of them so close and so foreign to Blake. After a while, she felt her hands tremble in her pockets, atop the front of her thighs; a small wave of anxiety crept up her spine. Yang paused long enough this time as she pointed out another tent. Her eager happiness melted into concern, as she saw Blake’s slightly bewildered eyes surveying the people around them.

Should I take her hand? Or is that being too forward?

Yang tugged on Blake’s sleeve to try and break the spell of mild panic. “Hey, are…you alright?” she asked, peering into the other woman’s eyes. Blake’s golden gaze held onto Yang for a moment, coming back to her.

“I…yeah, I’m fine.” She answered, and then nervously adjusted her beanie.

There’s so many of them…so many people…

Yang put a hand on her elbow, and indicated that she follow her somewhere new. Blake followed behind the blonde woman quickly, as she found the direction to be less congested. Yang led the weary woman through the crowd with ease, always checking behind her to make sure she hadn’t lost her in the hustle and bustle of the festival. The two women came upon a vendor whose walls were created from tapestries, advertising their many decorative scarves and blankets. The smell of cinnamon and pine needles began to dwindle as the scent of Nag Champa and Myrrh filled the small fabric-enclosed vicinity. The vendor saw the women approach and smiled at them with a small wave, and continued reading his novel in his lap as he sat cross-legged on a prayer mat.

“This is my favorite vendor to run to, if the toffee candy smells get to my head, haha.” Yang explained. Blake felt her nerves calm considerably in the new surroundings. The sandalwood enveloped her in a sense of serenity as she began to take in the various wooden trinkets and pottery around her. “You see, there’s this oriental place in downtown. And every little business in the city comes here to help advertise…”

“Yeah…I remember you saying that.” Blake said absentmindedly as she examined a hanging tapestry of Sanskrit. “I had no idea there was a store here that catered to south east Asian and middle eastern culture. They even have an Om tapestry.” Yang gave a bemused grin.

“You’re familiar with meditation?”

“I’ve read books about the culture…” Blake trailed, her fingertips grazing the fabric. “It’s a sacred syllable representing Brahman,” she began.

That’s right…God, brains are just so sexy.

“The impersonal Absolute of Hinduism — omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence…” Blake trailed a finger across the tapestry. “Not that I’m religious, I…I just admire spirituality. It’s beautiful.”

Almost as beautiful as this work. I can’t believe someone made this…by hand.

“This is beautiful.” She breathed, taking in the entire work. Yang crossed her arms with a half grin, her lavender eyes smiling at the woman in awe.

You’re beautiful.

Blake looked around the small vendor tent some more, excitedly educating Yang on whatever she found that she could explain from her vast knowledge of world religions. In her explanations, Blake unknowingly began to smile as she spoke; however subtle. Yang found that the more they went around the tent, the more she was actually starting to drown out Blake’s voice and just admired the excitement in her face as she began to talk about her interest in the various items she found. At which point, Blake noticed she had taken over conversation and timidly placed a small jade Buddha replica back onto one of the tables. “S…sorry.”

“Hm? For what?” Yang asked. Blake took a quiet sigh and placed her hands back into her front pockets, regressing back to her neutral aura. “You didn’t do anything.”

“No, but…” Blake began. “I just…sometimes I get carried away.” Yang narrowed her eyes at the sullen woman, and then shook her head apologetically.

“Never apologize for the things you love.” Yang said with an assuring smile. Blake looked up at her through her choppy black bangs, as if hiding her face and shame. “C’mon, the best part of the festival is going to happen at sunset.” She said. Once more, Yang led Blake across the festival. This time, away from the crowd and into a gazebo filled with hay bales to sit on and in view of a lake. Blake stepped up into the gazebo after Yang; the alfalfa permeated the air as she took a seat on the surprisingly non-prickly surface of the hay bale. She fixed the front of her scarf as a breeze blew through her.

Ah, there’s the cold.

“I’ll be right back, stay here.” Yang instructed. Blake watched the blonde take off in the crowd again, and before she could call out to her, she had already escaped her sight. She brought her knees much closer together, trying to preserve warmth as another breeze came; causing her to grit her teeth. She mashed her pale pink lips together, reflecting on her day with Yang. How they had spent the entire day at the festival sampling treats from different local businesses to watching local bands play. Blake looked down at the toes of her boots.

“What am I doing…” she said aloud. “I can’t get wrapped up with someone’s perfect life…and mess it up for them.”

I always find a way to ruin someone’s happiness. I’m such bad luck…and she’s so sweet. I almost want to try, if ….if only she wasn’t straight…

Blake recalled earlier that morning when Yang asked about her coffee. She shook her head and gave a sigh, cursing her luck once again. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the on-coming chill of remaining stationary, but found her thoughts drifting back to Yang’s words from earlier in being a ‘space heater’. Blake smiled at the idea of having her close enough to borrow heat off of.

She’s such a warm personality. It only makes sense she’s warm to the touch.

Blake could hear the sound of the band still playing in the distance. The sound of a piano and flute duet found its way to the gazebo, followed by footsteps on the wooden planks.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to take so long.” Yang said apologetically. She held out two cups with lids on them and offered one to Blake, to which she took. “The festival is still going pretty strong on the merchant side.”

“Thank you…and rightfully so, I’d say.” Blake agreed, and held the cup in her hands to warm them as Yang sat down next to her. Inwardly, Blake heaved a sigh of contentment as she felt the warmth of Yang’s thigh rub ever so innocently and subtly against hers. “Wait. Is this the cider?” She asked. Yang gave a devilish smile and took a sip of the cider for herself. “I told you I’d pay for mine.”

“Well, think of it this way…” Yang began. “It’s free.”

“Then, what am I going to do with the tip you gave me?”

“Buy another bandana?” Yang suggested. “Or try it, and if you like it enough, you can get another.” Blake looked at her cup, almost able to smell the apple cinnamon. “Go ahead, tell me if you like it.”

The dark haired woman readied it in her hands, and raised it to her mouth, pressing the lip of the cup to the cushion of her bottom lip; gently tilting it to retrieve the hot spiced contents. As she took a sip, she closed her eyes as the warmth took her to new places as it warmed her soul with the flavors of fall. She tasted the season, felt the turning of the leaves, smelled the mahogany woods of autumn, and heard the sound of leaves and branches rattling gently in the on-coming breeze of change. Blake swallowed and exhaled a warm cloud of apple-scented satisfaction. Yang need not ask her opinion having seen the contentment upon Blake’s face as she pulled away the cup like letting go of a kiss.

My God, I’m in trouble with this one.

“Blake.” She whispered. “Look out that way.” Blake’s eyes fluttered open as Yang gave a warm smile and motioned out towards the lake.

“Oh…” she breathed.

The sun hung just above the lake, like a glowing red and orange peach. It reflected off of the rippling water of the lake, and enhanced the color of the nature surrounding the little body of water. The yellow leaves were made golden by the sunset, the orange becoming copper; as red and brown were turned to scarlet and bronze. Blake stared unblinkingly at the scenery, the same scenic view they’ve been among all day; changing at just a moment’s notice by the setting sun. Even the shimmering oaks in the distance sparkled against the vast array of oranges, yellows, and traces of magenta.

When was the last time…I truly looked at nature…?

“Yang, it’s so beautiful.” Blake said, moving just an increment closer to the blonde woman, subconsciously looking for warmth. Yang noticed the attempt of getting closer, as her heartbeat fluttered a moment in her chest while a dry knot formed in her throat.

I think I can see the reflection of the sun in her eyes.

“That’s why every year I come out here, I make it a point to at least see this,” Yang motioned with one hand to the entire picture before them. “This…is my favorite part.” She whispered.

“…every year?” Blake asked, not taking her eyes off the lake. The blonde woman moved an inch closer, holding her cup of cider a little more firmly as she beamed at the dark haired beauty next to her; the sunset casting light upon her golden eyes, dancing off of her lacquered eyelashes, on the partial hallows of her cheeks. Yang followed Blake’s features slowly down to where her lips parted slightly, wondering if they tasted just as warm and sweet as their cider had.

“…every year.” Yang said with a smile. The two sat in silence and admired the scenery for a good while longer before Blake visibly shivered. “Are you getting cold?” She asked. Blake took her eyes away from the view and looked to the lid of her drink.

“Erm, I um…” Blake was unaware of her shivering, and embarrassed that Yang had noticed. Yang bent forward to place her drink on the wooden floor of the gazebo as she began removing her brown jacket she had worn all day. “Oh, no, please, you don’t have to—“

“It’s okay,” Yang said. “I’m a space heater, remember?”

Yes, I do remember.

“Here,” She said, opening up the jacket to Blake. “Just slip it on for now, okay? I’ll be fine, don’t worry about it.” Yang placed it around her shivering shoulders before she could refuse it again. Upon contact, Blake let an audible sound of comfort barely escape her lips. “Better?”

“…y-yes.” She began. “Thank you.” The jacket, as simple as it was, absorbed Blake as if she were slipping into warm bath water. With her free hand, she smoothed the front of it. “You’re very kind.” Yang had picked up her cup of cider and took a drink from it.

If I had an actual chance with you…I…I may just risk it…

“It’s no problem.” She smiled. “…C’mon. I’ll take you home as soon as we’re done with our drinks.”

“On your bike?” Blake asked, holding the cup of cider between her knees as she pushed her arms through the sleeves of the jacket. Yang gave a tender and crooked smile, taking in the sight of Blake wearing her jacket that proved to go just a tad past her wrist.

God help me…

“I’ll drive slow.” She replied with an honest grin, and looked back out onto the lake. Blake felt the corners of her mouth curl into a small and private smile as she too took in the scenery once again. Blake listened to the band playing in the background, the melody of the flute carried on the wind with the piano; like leaves swirling and bending along the earth. Blake took in a soft breath, the faint smell of hair product and lavender incense graced her senses as she sat content in Yang’s jacket and shrouded in traces of her scent.
Flavors of Fall Ch.3 - BumbleBY
Chapter Three.
This one is hella long;;

Also, if you're wondering "why the hell would there be a vendor for middle eastern/ south east Asian culture in a freaking fall festival?"
answer is a two parter:
1) because I've seen them overseas no matter WHAT the event/bazaar is meant to be about and I wanted to incorporate that into this story. Plus, who doesn't find those bags and bracelets from Nepal nifty?
DISCLAIMER: not that I would wear culture as a fashion staple by any means, of course. I just really appreciate artistry and I love to embrace art in all it's forms. so don't be offended and say "well it's part of their religion!" I know that, and I think that's a beautiful thing. the world inspires me to write and include those types of things via writing.
2) Because while I also enjoy reading up on Hinduism on occasion, it's also a big great pun on Monty's last name.

.....get it :iconimhappyplz: "Monty OUM?" ...."OM"? or AUM, depending on the text.

yeah I'm a dork. Moving right along...

I have up to three so far, in the span of three weeks. but that's not to say that there will be one chapter per week, because as some of you who are college students know that NOVEMBER IS IT, MAN.
our last day is in December, but that doesn't mean dick when finals start in the second week. make or break NOW.

On that note, enjoy.

characters (c) Monty Oum at RT

...yes, the ones running the pancake stand are Nora and Ren.

The gentle breeze of autumn carried softly through the night like a tender sigh, with an array stars that remained dull against a smeared grey cloud; sparse and stretching across the vast darkness of night. The colors of sunset long since bled and followed the golden warmth of day, leaving nothing more than the ivory crescent in the sky, bright and almost mischievous like a Cheshire cat’s grin. Below the cityscape, a raven-haired woman walked briskly inside of an apartment complex, the stoop littered with leaves and plastic. Upon entering through the large wooden doors, the acrid smell of stale cigarette smoke and cleaning product permeated the air. With a subtle grimace, Blake gathered her tote bag of belongings and continued up a staircase to the third floor. She was careful not to touch the grime-laced railing and kept her eyes on the cement steps.

As she walked down the vacant hallway, she looked straight ahead at her apartment door. She passed some doors that were opened, revealing children playing on the carpet in front of an elder family member. Another open door revealed a man playing a piano, and humming a soulful blues metronome with a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips. She took in all her surroundings without having to take her golden eyes off the door of her temporary home.

Once inside, Blake turned the deadbolts and slid the lock chain into place; then hung her things on the hook behind the door. With a sigh, she shucked her flats off of her tired feet and stepped further into her small dwelling. What pots and pans she had were cleaned and set back onto the stovetop, the mail neatly stacked on the tiny built-in nook, and a small stack of novels borrowed from the library we kept in their own neat stack in on side of the seat bolted to the ground. Blake rubbed the base of her neck, massaging a knot, and took to draping herself across her low-set bed, propped up on strategically placed cement blocks beneath the box spring portion. With a tired sigh and a groan, she rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling.

…what was that?

Blake rubbed her eyes, pressing her palms into them and then rubbing the sides of her head.

A stranger invited me to an outing…? No, not a stranger…what was her name….Yang?

She grabbed at her front pocket, feeling for the change Yang allowed her to keep as a generous tip. Still looking at the ceiling, Blake furrowed her brow at the memory of speaking with the gregarious blonde at the café. She recalled her bouncy personality, the loose curl atop her bangs that would wave with almost every movement she made, and the way she would flash that genuine smile that would make her want to smile back. Within the confines of her own home, Blake felt herself give into a half smile as she thought about her; but quickly frowned.

Am I going to see her tomorrow?


“So I met this girl at the café today.”


“Yeah, a barista~”

“Don’t those usually work in cantinas?”

“Whatever! I met someone today.”

Yang smiled to herself behind a forkful of cantaloupe and cottage cheese before popping it into her mouth with a content smile of satisfaction. The woman to whom she was talking to was of a small frame, with a round childish face to match the innocence of her wide and curious eyes.  Features that would not hint to most that given their stark differences, were actually related. She closed the fridge door shut with her foot as she walked over to Yang from the kitchen, a bowl of strawberries in one hand and a remote in the other. With an eyebrow cocked, she sat on the far side of the couch with Yang, who drew her feet up and curled them under her; careful not to spill the content of her bowl.

“Met someone as in…?” she began, tilting her head to one side and causing some of her red and black hair to fall into her face a little. With hair flip and a bite of a particularly large strawberry, Yang answered her with a chuckle. As she placed her bowl of fruit on the table to get up. She walked over to the small kitchen and pulled out a match box and returned to the living room, lighting a lavender stick of incense.

“As in ‘talked to someone new’, Ruby.”  She said, waving out the flame and then pressing it to the center of her tongue to put the rest of it out. “I needed an interview, and she was available. She ended up being pretty cool to just chat with.” Ruby turned the television on and grabbed a blanket from the side table as Yang rejoined her on their large sage-colored couch.

“Well that’s pretty cool, then.” She said as she covered her legs with the blanket. Yang watched her sister struggle with the blanket, trying to unfold it and tuck it in around herself. She bit her lip, her eyes scanning the pale orange cantaloupe in her bowl as she picked it back up.

It was pretty cool…

“What’s she look like?” She asked, curious. Yang smiled at recollecting the raven-haired woman at the café.

“She was tall…kinda pale…black hair, which she had back in a white bandana. She’s practically, like, all legs. And she’s got these gold eyes that sort of narrow at you. She’s really very…pretty. And pretty articulate, too.” She said warmly.

I could talk to her for hours.

“….are you gonna go for it?” Ruby said, after a beat. Yang’s eyes darted back up to her sister, who was staring at her with a bemused grin. “That is where this is going, right?” Yang gave an embarrassed but honest laugh as her sister rolled her eyes. “Yang, my God. You act like this every time you ‘meet someone new’.”

“Not every time!” Yang objected.

“Really? Remember a year ago? When you met that figure skater in downtown?” Ruby pointed out, and popped a strawberry into her mouth. “Remember that little heart breaker?” Yang gave a semi-pained smile, having been called out on a past trial. “Yeah, that’s what I thought…”

“This is different, though! And besides, Weiss and I are good friends now.” Yang defended. “We’re both just busy. And by the looks of it, you two seem like two peas in a pod.”

“Well, she blows up now and again.” Ruby said through a cheek full of strawberries. “But she means well.” She swallowed. “What I’m saying is, don’t go rushing into anything. Get a feel of her or something…I mean, how do you know if she’s, uh….y’know, ‘down’?” Yang through her head back and laughed as Ruby sulked on the side.

“This coming from the one who’s saying ‘don’t rush it’? That seems like more than a jump.”

“You know what I mean!” Ruby exclaimed with a small blush. “Geez! I mean to say what if she’s straight? Wasn’t it you that said straight girls were the bane of your dating existence?” Yang waved a hand at her as she took up another forkful of cantaloupe.

“Mm,” she shook her head disapprovingly. “I was kidding. And, I don’t know. I mean, I can’t tell with her…I was interviewing her, not scoping her out.”

I mean, her nails were grown out and well-manicured, but that hardly means anything. Does eye shadow count as ‘minimal’ makeup? She WAS wearing a bandana…no, that can’t mean much either…I didn’t get a look at her shoes…UGH!

“I don’t know…I think my gaydar is broken.” Yang said, almost defeated. Ruby put her bowl of strawberries to the side and brought her blanket all the way up around her shoulders.

“What if…I don’t know, what if someone went in there with you to check it out?” Ruby asked, taking time to fluff the couch cushion behind her.

“Well, that was the next thing I was going to say.” Yang flashed a smile. “I got her to go with me to the fall festival next weekend.” Ruby stared with her mouth open, and then squealed in delight for her older sister.

“Ohhh! Yang! That’s great! You asked her out! Do you have her number? Where are you guys gonna meet? Are you picking her up, or is she getting you? You should probably be the one to pick her up, since you invited her—oh! Where are you two going to dinner? Are you paying? How DOES that work, anyway? Like, which one of you girls pays for dinner? Or do you just—“

“Calm down!” Yang said, motioning with her hands for Ruby to settle and quiet down. “Oh my God, haha. No, I didn’t ask her out—“


“Shhhh!” Yang silenced her with a wave. “I didn’t. Ask. Her out. I simply…invited her out. Y’know, for fun. To talk with her about things that aren’t work related.” She explained, picking at the last bit of melon on her plate. “But…” She smiled to herself. “I hope to ask her out if it goes well…” Ruby heaved a disappointed sigh.

“Well…that’s a step in the right direction…look at you, picking up strays.” Ruby smiled, folding her arms beneath the comfort of the blanket. Yang lovingly kicked at her sister’s knee. “Alright, anyway! Are you ready for tonight?” She said, excited. Ruby changed the input and revealed a menu screen. Yang rolled her eyes with a small groan. “You won’t regret it! Besides, this is pay back for making me watch Grease with you.”

“How dare you! That is a quality film!” Yang said, pointing at Ruby accusingly. “What are we even watching?”

“It’s this cool little series these guys did in Austin like forever ago using this videogame as a staple in storytelling.” Ruby explained, and then promptly hit the play button. “Just give it a chance.”


Weeks had passed before Yang was able to so much as give a walking glance at the Book and Nook café. Preparations for the festival were underway and being brought out around town, causing her work schedule to be tighter by the day. Blake had begun to think that maybe their conversation was all for nothing, as it came closer to the day of the festival. Silently, Blake accepted that maybe it was just a spontaneous invite with no actual intention of being fulfilled. As she began whisking the eggs to pour into a muffin recipe, she tried clearing her mind of the smiling blonde.

The morning light fell upon the wooden windowsill of the Book n’ Nook café, where the windows steamed lightly of the heat from the baking of the kitchen. Cecil was tilling in the register when a sharp knock came to the glass pane of the door. Just beyond the glass, Yang stood waving and pointing at the closed sign. He gave a throaty chuckle and closed the register.

“We’re not open yet, Goldy.” He said as he opened the door to let her in. “But get in here, before you catch a cold.” Yang entered the café, her hands buried deep into her sweater coat as the wooden floorboards creaked beneath her leather winter boots.

“I don’t get cold, Cecil.” She informed, looking around the café.

“Just hotter!” Sun called from the kitchen with a follow up laugh at his own wit. “Right, Ms. Belladonna?” Yang’s ears strained to hear any sort of response, but was met with silence. A subtle blush rose in her cheeks but quickly faded at the sound of Cecil giving a loud yawn.

“Lord give me strength. You kids tire me out sometimes. I’m surprised, though. A bunch of young bloods like yourselves don’t typically make for early risers.” He said, slipping behind the counter to take stock of the creamers available. “So what’re you in for, Yang?” He asked, writing on a notepad.

“I uh…” Yang began. “Wanted to pick up some breakfast sandwiches for Ruby and I.” Cecil winked at her and made an order.

“You got it. How’s your sister doing, anyway?” He asked.

“Well, she’s still taking classes. She’s not graduating until next spring or so. Until then, we’re together at the townhomes.” He shook his head with a tight lipped frown.

“I don’t know how you girls do it. Aren’t you the one making the money for rent over there? I know Ruby has that job at the market, but even then…” Yang almost shrugged, thinking about the next bill to be coming in at the end of the month. “Never mind, forget I asked.” He said, putting up a hand apologetically. “I just worry about you girls.”

“It’s okay, I know…we’re doing alright, Ruby and I.” Yang said with a small smile. “I’m thankful that she at least has grants to go off of. It’s books that kind of kill her sometimes, haha.” Cecil chuckled and gave a knowing smile as he picked up the broom and went into the kitchen. Through the still-swinging saloon doors, Blake emerged with a tray in her hands.

“Here’s your order.” Said Blake, coming to the front with an order of breakfast sandwiches to go. Yang perked at the presence of Blake, seeing the same white bandana pressed and cleaned for another day of work.

“Good morning, Blake.” She chimed in. Blake acknowledge her by casting a glance her way and smoothing her bangs to one side. “Remember me?”

“Yeah, you were here earlier this month.” Blake answered. She began carefully putting her order into a paper bag with the café’s logo printed on it. “…how are you?” Yang squared her shoulders and stiffened her arms into her pockets.

“I’m alright I guess.” She said. “…Look, I’m really sorry I didn’t come by since then.” Blake’s golden eyes flitted from the bag to Yang, peering at her from half-lit eyes before putting in the order amount on the register. “I’ve been really busy at the office.”

“I can imagine, with it getting closer to the end of the month”, Blake replied, almost to the point of being catty. “I don’t blame you, though. It’s been busy here too. All the local businesses are wanting us to cater pumpkin scones and zucchini bread.”

“I’d like to learn how to make those one day.” Yang smiled, imagining how baking with Blake would be.

“They’re actually not that hard to make, really.” Blake answered. “That’s $9.75, please.” Yang took out her card and passed it to her, a bemused smirk crept across her lips as she knew Blake wasn’t charging her correctly once again; thinking that perhaps she was still in the clear with her after all…if she had a chance.

“So um…are you still up for tomorrow?” Yang asked, wanting to bite her lip. Blake froze a moment as her hand hovered over the cash to give her back her change. “I know it came up really quick, but, if you’re not busy. I was wondering what time would be good for you.” Blake stared back at Yang with a neutral expression, until the corners of her eyes angled in a way that made Yang feel like she was being critically and silently analyzed. She found that breaking eye contact proved to be almost painful, as she fidgeted her hands in her pockets. “That is, I mean, I only have a motorcycle. But, I can at least meet you at your place, and we can take the trolley instead, if you’d like that better. It’s a free ride, too. Anything that goes on—“

“I can still go.” Blake interrupted, counting the change in her hand. “But, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to meet you there.”

“Oh, halfway?” Yang asked. “Okay, that’s fine…but…oh! You know what, let me give you my number. So when we are there, you can give me a buzz. And I’ll tell you where to meet me, or I’ll ask where you are. Sound good?” She opened her wallet again as she received her change from Blake, and in return wrote her information down on a napkin. “There. What time did you want to meet up, then? Or start heading out, I mean…” Blake took a side glance, thinking; sucking in the side of her lip as she thought of a proper time.

“You said all day, right?” Blake asked carefully, trying to remember what Yang has said those weeks ago. The blonde woman perked at the mentioning of an early start.

“Er, right. It all starts at 10:00am, with pumpkin pancakes. The first forty in line are free.”

“….I suppose that works, then.” Blake said, creasing the napkin and putting it in her front pocket of her teal apron. Yang took the bag of breakfast sandwiches and rolled down the top with a grin.

“Awesome! It’s a date!” She exclaimed, but her enthusiasm fizzled slightly with fear at the sight of Blake’s eyes growing a little wider at her reaction. “So, save it!” she added, hoping to cover it up. Blake blinked at her, and smiled at her with her eyes. “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow morning, then?”

“Sure.” She replied, and tightened her bandana; her choppy black bangs hiding her face as she lowered her head to do so. “See you then.” Yang took in a breath and stepped out of the café.

Nice Recovery! Man…okay….now, what to do with her for a whole day? I hope she doesn’t get bored…Oh God, and she puts up with me just because I invite her along to do something…Oh man. Okay, Yang. Get it together, there’s things to do there!

Blake watched the blonde woman leave with her order, leaving her alone at the counter and wondering what to do next. She gave a gentle smile as the door swung shut and followed her until she had passed the store window completely.

…so it was a real invite after all….

Blake felt her heart swell with warmth at the idea of being out with someone. She was very much excited, until part of her hardened again; a smile replaced with a small frown.

…what’s become of me…it’s not like I was waiting for her to come back anyway…right?
Flavors of Fall ch.2 - BumbleBY
Chapter two.
I really hope the thought processes between the two ladies is obvious Dx in the original format on MicrosoftWord, I have Blake's thought text in italics and in purple, and for Yang's it's just in bold.
Because she's got a BOLD personality ;D  where as Blake is, graceful, I guess. So italics seems apt to use for her.

Also in the original format, I have little icons to separate things. Instead of using "~*~", that is. After Yang's bit, there's a little yellow sun. After Blake, a black paw print.

But I gotta make lemonade with whatever lemons dA so throws at me. :/ meh.

all characters (c) Monty Oum at RT

The crisping crackle of the whispering leaves rolled and skittered across the grain of the sidewalk, cluttering and collecting in the gutter. The grit of broken leaves, twigs, and dirt crunched lightly beneath the brisk walk of a young woman in her early twenties; two books cradled under her arm with a large, brown leather satchel swaying next to her on the opposite side. Her long blond hair billowed behind her like a slow burning campfire as the wind ran through it, the chill of the fall air not bothering her as it wove invisible fingers through her locks. The caramel and mocha colored sweater coat she dawned clung lightly to her body in the cool air, but did little to conceal any sort of warmth for an average person. The absence of her discomfort showed as she allowed for her large orange scarf to serve little to no purpose other than a splash of color; a simple accessory. She slowed her pace upon reaching out a single black-gloved hand to retrieve the front door to a local coffee shop called “Book and Nook Café”. Once inside, she heaved a sigh and took in the smell of the ground coffee and warm pastries baking behind the counter.

“Table for one, please!” She called out, pulling off her gloves and tucking them into her front pocket.

“Goldy!”Came a hearty voice in the kitchen. “Nice of you to drop by again, Yang.” From two wooden saloon doors came a large man with an honest and welcoming face, cleaning the flour from his hands onto a kitchen towel that he tucked back into his apron. Yang gave a broad smile and gave him a hug. “What brings you back to the neighborhood?”

“Just checking in on ya, Cecil!” She grinned, “Well, I’ve been given another survey assignment” she said, almost sounding like she dreaded relaying her task. “I’ve got to do an article on small town culture, since the fall season is back. You know, gotta spread the word to attract newcomers and passersby crowds to get in on that local festive scene.” She explained with her hands on her hips.

“Ah, well then! You can go ahead and survey me.” Cecil said and then jabbed a thumb into his chest. “I’ve been part of the town’s fall festival since my dad ran this place.” He chuckled. Yang gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder and shrugged.

“Sorry, but it’s gotta be from someone…more or less new, around here. Someone’s who’s been around, I guess? But…” she narrowed her eyes a bit, trying to explain. “I mean I could interview you, but for what I want to do, I’d like to sit and chat with someone who’s a little new to the area.” She gave a sheepish smile.

“Oh, I see then.” Cecil said understandingly. “Hmm. In that case, maybe you could sit with a new employee of mine. We just hired her about a month or two ago, and she’s only new to this side of town. You could give it a shot.” He said, before turning around to yell into the kitchen. “HEY, SUN!” he called.


“Come out here and bring the new girl with ya!”

“Okay, just a second—gah!!” Sun replied, before the clattering of metal falling to the ground echoed out of the small ordering window. A cheeky smile presented itself in the window. “That was my bad, um, be right out!” he said, and scrambled to pick up the fallen items, the sounds of grumbling and scolding was barely muffled as he cursed his luck.

“What the devil are you doing monkeying around back there?” asked Cecil. Sun burst through the saloon doors, patting his teal apron of any excess baking ingredients as Yang laughed at him for having a great deal of it in his spikey hair.

“I was trying to show her how to stretch the dough, and got…a little over zealous…” He said with an impish grin. “Oh, but um—“he held one of the small doors open, over exaggerating his introduction. “Ms. Belladonna, as you requested mister boss man sir.” He said, giving a low bow.  Pushing the other door open for herself, a young woman stepped quietly into the room. Her long black hair cascaded down her back like an oil slick, a white bandana in her hair to help keep the bulk of it back, but let her choppy bangs fall effortlessly upon her face in a way that still shown her honey golden eyes. Yang gave a crooked grin of surprise, and ran a hand through her own fluffed blonde bangs.

“Oh, wow.” She replied. The raven-haired woman before her stood poised and silent before her, looking to Sun and Cecil. “I guess it really has been awhile since I’ve been here. I’m Yang Xiao Long, nice to meet you, Ms. Belladonna.”

“Likewise.” She replied in a monotone voice. Cecil cleared his throat as to move things along more smoothly.

“Erm, Ms. Belladonna, would you mind having a seat with Yang? She’s working on an article and would need your help answering some questions.” He explained. Yang took a step to the side and pulled a chair out for herself and for her guest, motioning for her to have a seat.

“I’m a mass media major, and working this job on the side is really gonna help me with getting experience,” she babbled. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to just have a chat. It won’t take long.” Yang said, having a seat and putting her leather satchel in the vacant chair next to her.

“Very well.” She said, gracefully seating herself across from Yang. Cecil motioned for Sun to go into the kitchen with him, as to assume preparing the pastries for a possible mid-morning rush.

“Great!” Yang smiled and pulled out her notebook, flipping to a blank page. “First, what’s your full name, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Blake.” She answered, crossing her long legs under the table. “Blake Belladonna.” Yang raised an eyebrow at her response.

“Blake?” she repeated. “That’s new…okay, Blake. How long have you been in the area for?” Yang asked, writing down her interviewee’s name.” Blake took in a breath before answering her, resting her face in her palm as she leaned on the table top.

“About five months, maybe.” Yang gave a nod and wrote it down.

“Have you…had any time at all to check out the places in town?” She asked. “By that, I mean do you find anything unique about this side of town, or living here in general? And how is it different that where you were originally living?” she said, her pencil flying from side to side on the note book. Blake watched the tip of Yang’s pencil momentarily before answering her.

“The only places I’ve bothered with looking into are bookstores and retail shops, really. I only need what’s necessary…”

“Books are necessary to you?” Yang said. “Sounds more like a perk.”

“They’re not gossip magazines.” Blake replied flatly. “Nor are they fairytales. I read the classics, from romanticism to biographies. Right now I’m finishing a book by Gertrude Stein.” Yang smiled into her notebook as she wrote.

“Stein, huh?” she said. “I remember reading her for a women’s literature course. She’s quite the woman when it comes to free thinking, huh?” Blake’s eyes flickered for a moment, before narrowing in curiosity.

“You’ve read her works?” she asked. Yang gave an earnest nod and smoothed out the side of her long dark brown skirt as she searched her bag for something.

“Yes, actually.” She said, and pulled out a paper back about a single finger width thick. “I don’t read all the time, honestly. But I like how she thinks….how did it go again?” Yang licked her lips, thinking and putting the book back into her bag. “She said…’If I announce what I see—‘”

“ ‘--then I am never wrong.’” Blake finished, crossing her arms almost impressed. “One of my favorite quotes from her, however hollow the meaning feels to me.” Yang shook her head in disagreement.

“I always think of it as…I dunno, like you see what you see…and what that means to you in that moment, it’s gotta be true.” Blake furrowed her brow at her. “It made sense in my head.”

“I have a feeling most misinterpret that saying, much like Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’, as its meaning is literally as it is written. Far too many people over analyze and ‘read in between the lines’ when they needn’t do so.”  Yang laughed.

“Okay, we’re getting off topic here.” She backtracked to her notes on the side. “Um…alright, so what made you want to move out here? And how do you like it?” Yang asked, her smile never wavering as she looked at her somber interviewee.  A muscle in Blake’s jaw twitched as she silently clenched her teeth behind tight lips, thinking.

“…I can’t really say why.” She said flatly. “But, since I’ve been here, I guess it’s okay for now.”

“For now?” Yang said, her grin fading slightly. “Do you travel a lot?”

“Only when I need to.” Blake said, looking out the window dismissively. “But I think I’ll be here for a while.” Yang traced the delicate features of the young woman in front of her with her lavender eyes that shimmered with mild concern. She thought of asking Blake why she had a need to be constantly on the move, but made no effort to ask; as it wasn’t her place. “And to answer your question on what I like about living here…I suppose it would be the overall atmosphere. It seems that people are just genuinely nicer out this way.” Blake said, her tone shifting to an almost surprise at realizing this.

“Let me guess, you’re used to the city life?” Yang smirked. Blake shrugged and adjusted her bandana.

“I’ve lived in many different areas.” She answered vaguely. Yang bit the inside of her cheek a little, knowing that going in depth would only invade Blake’s privacy and not actually lend aid in her need for information on the article.

“Okay…” Yang said, reviewing her notes. “Are you…oh yeah, what do you hope to see in the upcoming fall festival at the end of the month? Or what are you excited for?” Blake stared blankly back at Yang.

“I…I’ve never had time for festivals, so I’m not sure what to—“

“You’ve NEVER been to a fall festival before?” Yang said, incredulous. “Not even a craft fair?” Blake shook her head, indifferent to Yang’s disbelief. “Really.”

“No, I’ve never been. I’ve heard of them, but I just never go.”

“You’re joking!” Yang said, putting her pencil down. “Well I don’t know where you’ve been all before, but this town does festivals right.” She said earnestly. “We’ve got so many baked goods, there’s music, a live band always plays, craft fairs up and down main street, sometimes there’s a parade or some kind of local performance, a pumpkin contest—“

“A what?”

“You--!!” Yang sighed. “You gotta go. There’s just a lot to do, and it seems like it could be right up your alley.” Blake’s pale pink lips tightened into a thin line across her face, uncertain.

“I don’t really…like big crowds..”

“Ah, don’t be such a scaredy cat!” Yang grinned, causing the subtlest upturning of Blake’s lips in a bemused ghost of a grin. “You can go with me, how about that?”

“With you?” Blake repeated, caught off guard. Yang gave a shy shrug and with smiling eyes gave a chuckle.

“Yeah, why not? I could show you around, and that way you won’t be by yourself, either.” Blake searched Yang’s eyes for any trace of deceit or hidden malice, but found nothing. She blinked and surveyed her face, how her blonde messy bangs fell over her eyes a little, but not taking away from the way her eyes rounded at the corners with playful intent. Blake accessed the invite to be safe, and straightened her posture.

“I may have to check my schedule.” She almost whispered. Yang threw her hands out, and gave a single clap of approval.

“Alright!” she exclaimed. “Clear it, because we’re making a day of it.” She smiled broadly, and gathered her things. “Well, that’s it for the interview I guess.” Blake remained seated while she watched the busyness of the blonde woman before her.  Yang began storing her notebook into the satchel and returned it back to the seat next to her.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much help after all…” Blake trailed. Yang waved it off, unaffected.

“Hey, that’s alright. I’m just glad I got to talk to someone new today.” Blake’s eyes smiled at her briefly before blinking and looking up at the menu of the café.

“I suppose you want something to drink by now. Assuming that’s what you came here for in the first place.” She said, throwing a sideways glance at Yang. “We have a decent caramel macchiato, if you’re interested.” Yang paused and looked up at the white chalk letters written on the black boarded signs. “I could make you an espresso.”

“That sounds pretty good right now, actually.” Yang agreed. “If it’s not too much trouble that is?” she said, quickly forgetting that Blake would have to get up from her seat to make it. The raven-haired woman stood and casually walked behind the counter to assemble a hot beverage.

“It’s my job, as you know.” She replied with a hint of sass in her monotone voice as she had her back to Yang. “Do you want anything extra added to it?” Cecil returned to the front counter with a fresh tray of bear claws, an array of muffins, zucchini loaf, and slices of carrot cake.

“Order ‘em up while they’re hot!” he called out, proud of his work. The wafting smell of fresh baked goods and hot spice filled the café as he brought them under the glass to put out on display. Yang could feel her mouth salivate from the smell, taking a breath so deep her shoulders rose with the feeling of warmth rising in her own soul.

“Ahhh man…oh, and, that’s okay Blake. I like plain.”

“Plain what, though?” Blake asked, ready to prepare whichever she so chose. Yang gave a crooked grin and a shrug.

“I dunno, surprise me?” she said. Blake nodded and assembled her ingredients on the side. “In the meantime, I think I’ll have to surrender my stomach and soul to a slice of that carrot cake.” Sun popped his head out from the ordering window with a boyish smile at the mentioning of carrot cake.

“Tell me what you think of it, Cecil had me do it all on my own this morning.”

“If it smells that good, I’m pretty sure you’re in the clear.” Yang reassured. Blake silently retrieved a slice of carrot cake for Yang and put it on a small serving dish with a spoon. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” She replied, and turned to get the cup of mystery coffee she had prepared for Yang. She placed the cup on the counter for the blonde woman to see, and poured a heavy crème on the top in one motion, and then returning backwards in a zig-zag pattern, forming a white leaf on the surface of the coffee; and then sprinkled cinnamon lightly along the outside of the coffee. Without looking at her, Blake placed the small plate of carrot cake next to her coffee creation and began ringing her up at the register. Yang picked up the cup and marveled at the tiny leaf art in the crème, quite impressed.

“It’s cute, huh?” Cecil chuckled. “I didn’t teach her that, it’s a little something she does for that extra razzle.” He looked at Blake, giving at approving nod. “Great work on your crème-smanship there, Ms. Belladonna!” he chortled. Blake gave a quick sideways glance at the belly-laughing Cecil and cleared her throat as he walked back into the kitchen, an oven timer beckoning him to return.

“That’ll be $4.50” Blake said, looking up at Yang who placed the cup back down to retrieve her wallet from her bag.

“Really?” She asked. “That much?” she dug out a ten dollar bill and walked back to the register with it in hand. “Are you sure?” Blake’s neutral stare did not waver as he punched in the amount and dug out the change owed to Yang.

“That’s how much.” Blake assured, and tore the receipt that spilled forth from the tiny beeping machine. She glanced up in time to see that Yang had already picked the cup back up and pressed it to her soft lips, and blew on the top; the surface rippling a little as she took a slow drink with her eyes shut. Blake did not blink, but felt her eyelids lower ever so slightly behind her choppy black bangs as she watched. Yang hummed her approval as she swallowed the hot contents of the coffee with a content smile, to which Blake felt the hair on the back of her neck tingle. Yang sucked in her bottom lip slightly, tasting the cinnamon laced upon her lips.

“Wow.” She replied. “That’s a damn fine cup of java, right there.” She said. “You sure know you’re way around a bean.”

“I’m sorry?” Blake asked, perplexed and still holding the change in her hand.

“The coffee,” Yang held up the cup. “You’d be surprised how many people can mess up coffee. Or at least, how easy it is, for that matter...” She paused and took another sip. “Wonderful.” Blake almost smiled, happy that her efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

“I’m glad you like it.” She said, and held out her hand. “Here’s your change.” Yang eyed the change in her hand and took up her plate of carrot cake.

“No, you hold onto that.”


“Keep it, that’s your tip.” Yang said with a smile. “Besides, with that, you’ll be able to get yourself a cup of the best hot pumpkin apple cider at the festival.” Blake looked at the money in her hand, and then back up at Yang. “Go on, keep it.”

“Are you sure?” Blake said, before tucking it into the front pocket of her teal apron. “You’re not in a hurry to leave, are you?” She asked. Yang turned on her heel and sat back down at her seat at the table.

“No,” she said indifferently, taking a spoonful of the slice of carrot cake. “I usually come here to work on things to get out of the office. I feel trapped in there sometimes, like I just need to break free, y’know?” she said, and took the bit of cake into her mouth. “Ah, SUN!” she called.

“Yeah?”  His voice called from the kitchen.

“You did a bangin’ job on this carrot cake, man!” Yang chuckled. Sun gave a whoop of victory out of having done his job successfully. Blake shook her head and turned back around to grab the broom, sweeping up behind the counter. “What coffee did you give me by the way?” She asked, pulling out her iPad and detachable keyboard from her satchel. “It was really good, I’ll probably order it again next time.”

“Oh. It’s a new option on the menu for the season.”  Blake explained.

“What’s it called?” Yang asked, a lump of warm carrot cake in her cheek.

“’Bourdon’.” She replied, in perfect French.

Flavors of Fall Ch.1 - BumbleBY
And now, after not having posted a damn thing in forever, I return....with fanfiction.
Hey, I need something to write about aside from my own personal stories. I've found it as a nice winding-down sort of thing.
That, and paired with actual flavors of fall, I decided to give it a shot. Armed with my earl grey, chai, apple cider, and pink moscato, I'm ready!

This idea came from a friend of mine, as we were re-watching the RT ladies podcast and browsing the bumbleby tag on tumblr (yes...I got a tumblr....I am trash OTL) and...well, I think she brought up some of her favorite AU stories. Right now, the bees on the roadtrip is still a thing. And there were others like coffee shop AUs and what not. She came up with the idea of Yang be a mass media major/working for the local news and advertising, and I thought of Yang in a coffee shop pouring over information. And in conjunction to that, maybe a barista Blake would come along and serve her cups of coffee to keep her going in her work.
....and then we both looked at each other. and threw out arms in the air and got to work. xD
I type it up, and she reads it to check for things to add, things to fix, and the rare occasion that is continuity errors. Because sometimes I stay up late typing and totally botch a timeline x___x I'm only human.
And a professional fangirl. perhaps. xD

And Arryn and Barbara, if you're reading this, we love you.
you little enablers, you....

Blake, Yang, Sun, and Ruby (c) RWBY, by Monty Oum at RT 


United States
Current Residence: P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
deviantWEAR sizing preference: comfortable.
Print preference: visible.
Favourite genre of music: whatever i feel like listening depends on my mood..
Favourite photographer: Maddie u.u
Favourite style of art: ANIME, graffiti, watercolor..
Operating System: Arc Reactor
MP3 player of choice: ipod of epic sexy
Shell of choice: turtle? no no no...snaiiiil. maybe.
Wallpaper of choice: something anime
Skin of choice: my own o_O;;
Favourite cartoon character: Harunobu Madarame, Kanji Sasahara. Princess Hime, Reiri, Riza Wildman, Neji Hyuga, Revy...
Personal Quote: "so SOP IT UP.....'cause JESUS is a BISCUIIIIIIT." - latrice royale
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Weezer Radio on Pandora
  • Reading: textbooks
  • Watching: nothing until FEBRUARY.
  • Playing: "let's sass bee" xDD
  • Eating: unagi roll
  • Drinking: tea
I'm really sorry for having disappeared forever....I'm getting a handle on school and just being really serious about it. Granted, I've got time to unwind and check in with friends and what not, but with wifi going in and out on us, if I'm not there physically I'm missing what's happening...unless it's a text.

It's going well, though. I uploaded some new art stuff a little while ago and ran away XD I meant to come do a journal, but that got swept under the carpet with the things I had to do.
Like right now, I should be studying for the second poli sci exam tomorrow *nervous laugh*;

In other news, I'm doing pretty well! Bee and I are pretty functional friends (I sass the ever living fuck out of her. perhaps I'll sketch something up from our exchanges), Sam and I are super tight, and I'm all around just relaxing more among the group. Letting down a few barriers and feeling more at home on campus than before. There's always that scary thought of having to leave them, but such is my life of never being in one place for very long. Just long enough to get what I need done and get the hell out. Austin sounds like a nice place to relocate to...but we'll see what the future holds.

Life is beautiful.
I see it for the sunshine and rose buds, but also for the depressing cold places...and from it, learning to appreciate what's in front of me RIGHT NOW. Life is ever-changing, isn't it? So why 'make do' right in the moment, when you can make the most of what you have right then and there? To have something available--who cares if it's not the top of line type of thing? It's in your favor!
Not to sound like a pirate ("take what ye can, give nothin' back!"), is easier with that mentality. With good reason, mind you. I'm not foolish enough as to think it applies to everything. For the sake of my anxiety/nerves/stress levels, it works for me :) I get shit done!

I just hope I can keep this up well into graduation. And maybe farther.

*sigh* well, just checking in. I gotta dive back into the crook of those lovely books and study up for tomorrow. and maybe take a nap.
.....or, go to bed early for once;;; fuck it, I don't have class until 10am for the exam anyway;;

1) assuming you watch/follow RWBY....which ship is your favorite? or do you have a 3TP?
2) are you ready for pumpkin carving? :D
3) you, me, chopper, new zealand, NOW. you coming? *extends hand*

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A Gryffindor's prideful nature coupled with their sense of justice and stubborn behavior causes them to be extremely set in their ways. They have a difficult time backing down from a fight or admitting that they are wrong. It's also very hard for them to get over a bad first impression or change their opinion on someone.
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